Q: Who knows how to get your business noticed?

A: We know and are ready to make it happen.

While we do not use mind readers or even a crystal ball, we do have a network of experienced professionals who are totally committed to improving your firm's image and expanding its customer base. BIG FEDORA is a consultancy with access to an energetic team of talented professionals, able to combine unique creativity with sound commercial awareness and business acumen we can customize a plan that will best suit your business.

BIG FEDORA believes that the most successful marketing solutions are the result of a close collaboration between agency and client. For that reason we always take the time to fully understand your company as well as your marketing requirements.

BIG FEDORA understands that there are no "cookie-cutter" solutions in today's diverse customer base, that is why we are prepared to create a perfect fit for your needs. From websites and search engine optimization, to direct-mail and commercials --- we have done it all. Even, new attention getters are also familiar territory as well. Whether it is blogging and webcasts to directly contributing to Webby nominated websites and getting podcasts to break into the elusive iTunes Top 50 downloads week after week --- we can get the word out about your business!

We will make sure that you:

  • Target the right audience with the right messages

  • Stand out from the crowd  - public relations and developing your brand

  • Get a good ROI - generate new business and create lead generation 

  • Event planning and campaigns - from tradeshows to mailings - we make it work

Our methodology is simple -- we listen to you -- and respond with a marketing plan customized to meet your needs. Together we will take your business to the next level of success!

There's a lot of great ideas under that hat!